Ballas Buick GMC Announces Road Rally Win For Buick Regal

2012 Buick Regal GS Brings Home Nevada Road Rally Victory

The Buick Regal Turbo, sold at Ballas Buick GMC, located in Toledo, Ohio is one of the reasons, Ballas is the number ONE Buick dealership in Ohio.  It’s superior design, comfort and power makes it a car everyone loves.  Ballas Buick GMC has the 1st Regal GS now. 


Quick: think of a racecar built by General Motors. Chances are you didn’t think about the 2012 Buick Regal GS, but Buick managed to field one of its new sport sedans in the Silver State Classic Challenge in Nevada. Buick even scored a  victory with the Regal GS, the latest sporty addition to the brand’s lineup.The Silver State Classic Challenge is a road rally that takes place on a closed-off 90-mile stretch of Nevada State Highway 318, ending about 120 miles north of Las Vegas. Drivers must average a particular speed over the entire course, no matter the makeup of straights or curves.

The 2012 Regal GS was entered into the 120 mph class of the SSCC — which means the driver must average 120 mph –and finished the course in 45 minutes, 0.0192 seconds, averaging a speed of 119.9991 mph. It was enough for the drivers to win best in class and beat 34 other rookie teams to win the special award for Most Accurate Rookie.

The team, it should be said, was hardly novice: the car was driven by the Regal GS model’s lead development engineer, Bill Rietow, and navigated by GS drive quality powertrain engineer John Townsend riding shotgun.

One would think that a Buick wouldn’t be well suited for racing, but the rally car was well-kitted: Rietow and Townsend’s ride was a stock 2012 Regal GS, which comes equipped with a 270-hp, 295-lb-ft turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a six-speed manual transmission, and a top speed of 152 mph. For the race, Buick only added a custom-fitted rollbar and five-point seatbelts, and Rietow said late Sunday that the car ran “smoothly, quietly, and cool” throughout the course, hitting a top speed of 137 mph early in the race.

The new 2012 Regal GS can be seen NOW at Ballas Buick GMC. 

Written by: Ben Timmins at Motor Trend on September 20 2011 7:00 AM.  Read more here.

Ballas Buick GMC Enjoys Music From Hellogoodbye

Musical Group Hellogoodbye write song “Killing Time”,
inspired by Buick Regal Turbo.
The Buick Regal Turbo, sold at Ballas Buick GMC, located in Toledo, Ohio is one of the reasons, Ballas is the number ONE Buick dealership in Ohio.  It’s superior design, comfort and power makes it a car everyone loves.   

The band Hellogoodbye recently took another kind of musical journey behind the wheel of a new 2012 Buick Regal Turbo. The time spent in the Buick inspired the band to write a new single called “Killing Time,” which was created in just two days.

Buick released a short film titled “One from the Road” featuring the band’s exploits on the road and in the studio that can be viewed at YouTube With an available 336-watt 5.1 matrix surround sound system produced by Harman Kardon, the Buick Regal Turbo aims to please music purists while offering other amenities that Buick has become known for, like luxurious leather seats and quiet cabins.

“I came home from work driving my Buick Regal demo.  My 6th grade son and his friends flocked to check it out, raving about its power and ‘awesome’ sound system”, said Rob Quinto, Internet Director at Ballas Buick GMC.   “Buick’s latest vehicles blow away old brand perceptions of stodgy cars driven only by retirees. The Regal Turbo has features that everybody can enjoy, like a powerful sound system and an even more impressive engine.”

As its name implies, the 2012 Regal Turbo on sale at Ballas Buick GMC is an apt accelerator. With a turbocharged 2.0-liter ECOTEC engine, the Buick Regal Turbo pumps out 220 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Even with that power, the luxury sport sedan can return 32 mpg on the highway with a manual transmission, making it a prime candidate for weekly commuters that still like to let loose on the open road.

We could say this car is (hello) a good buy.  Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.

About Ballas Buick GMC:

Ballas Buick-GMC has been a fixture in the Toledo business community since 1970.  Ballas earned the coveted General Motor’s “Mark of Excellence” award in 2009 and 2010 (for business excellence).  Marianne Ballas represents a very small minority of female dealership owners which is less than 1% nationally.  She also serves on the National Dealer Council for the Buick GMC Division of General Motors with 21 other dealers from across the nation representing all five regions of the U.S.


Extended Warranty Policies

Ballas Buick GMC offers a selection of extended warranty policies to our customers for all new vehicles sales (including the GM Protection Plan) and many Used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.  They can be included in your total car payment, or purchased within the first 12 months.  Customers often wonder if purchasing an extended warranty for their vehicle is worth the extra cost and if it has any value.  Some customers scoff at the thought, thinking dealerships are looking to take advantage of a customer by selling a seemingly ‘worthless’ product.   In reality, extended warranty packages are smart and well worth the small cost.

An Insurance Policy
Extended Warranty is very much like an Insurance Policy.  We don’t have insurance because we need it every day.  We have it because we might need it someday.  It’s better to have it when you need it, than not have it at all.  This is especially true for those who keep vehicles past the manufacturers’ warranty period and for the vast majority of vehicles on the market with electronic parts.

Tom Torbjornsen; writer for AOL Autos and a veteran of 37 years in the auto service industry;  wrote, “If you keep a vehicle beyond its warranty period, than I highly recommend an extended warranty. Consider the cost of repairs. The average transmission replacement is around $2,500. Engines cost in the neighborhood of $4,000. In-vehicle electronics can cost a small fortune. Be smart and get an extended warranty on a vehicle if you are going to keep it beyond the factory or dealer warranty.”

Know What’s Covered On Your Warranty – Manufacturer versus Extended
Items such as brakes, wiper blades or tires are not covered on either because they are considered normal wear and tear on vehicle. 

In an article written by Torbjornsen he provided insights to the manufacturer’s warranty plans.

Many people assume that a car warranty entitles them to repairs regardless of environmental conditions, maintenance requirements, and/or length of time/number of miles on the vehicle.

A car warranty is not an entitlement. It is an agreement between you and the car manufacturer! The purchaser of the warranty is responsible to follow the specified maintenance requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

Then, and only then, is the manufacturer obligated to perform any repairs due to a defect from poor workmanship or a failed part for the time or mileage set forth by the terms of the warranty agreement. 

To protect the customer, car manufacturers pore over every warranty claim that comes into their system. False claims made by customers or dishonest service centers, increase costs which ends up getting past back to the customers, the good one and the naughty ones.  Alas, such close inspection of warranty claims is interpreted by some consumers as an attempt to get out of paying for the repair.

In reality, the repair may not qualify under the warranty terms due to unusual abuse of the vehicle, expiration of the warranty or never having had an oil change.

An extended warranty is looking for the same false claims.  However, they often cover items on your vehicle not covered in the manufacturers’ warranty.  We all love our power windows.  But what happens when they are stuck in the down position?  And it’s getting ready to rain?  Ut-oh . . .that’s an expensive repair.  Are you going to drive around with plastic over the window, risking further damage to the paint and upholstery?

Getting an extended warranty on your vehicle is smart in the long run.  Ballas Buick GMC highly encourages obtaining one on many vehicles.  As Ben Franklin said, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Top Secret Cars! Encore / mini-Enclave

Ballas Buick- GMC, the largest Buick dealer in Ohio, is letting the cat out of the bag.  Located in Toledo, OH; Ballas Buick GMC is eager to see this product in our showroom soon.  We saw a prototype of the mini-Enclave, as known as the Encore, at a recent meeting with GM.  It is a very nicely designed, well thought out and will accomodate almost any need. 

[From MSN/Canada]
As Buick continues its product renaissance, its range will likely grow to include a second crossover vehicle. A mini Buick utility vehicle? Yes – a close look at the nose end of the car reveals a Buick-style waterfall grille. The target markets for the Mini-Enclave / Encore are North America and China, where the brand enjoys tremendous success.

Top Secret! The Buick Encore.The mini Enclave will ride on GM's subcompact Gamma II platform and should be equipped with the same 1.8 and 1.4-litre turbo engines found in the Chevy Sonic. However, a bigger, naturally aspirated 2.5-litre four-cylinder (from the Malibu) or a 2.0-liter turbo four (from the Regal) aren't out of the question. Being a crossover, expect all-wheel drive to be on the options list. Expect to see it rolled out during 2013 as a model-year 2014 product.Top Secret! The Buick Enclave.



Ballas Buick GMC Speculates 2013 Encore is “Mini Enclave”?

 Ballas Buick- GMC, the largest Buick dealer in Ohio, is letting the cat out of the bag.  Located in Toledo, OH; Ballas Buick GMC is eager to see this product in our showroom soon.  We saw a prototype of the mini-Enclave; also known as the Encore; at a recent meeting with GM.  It is a very nicely designed, well thought out and will accommodate almost any need. 

From what the insiders say, we might see a new compact SUV in the form of 2013 Buick Encore.

As per the sources, after the release of the much talked about compact sedan, Verano, Encore will be the next project of the company.

The vehicle is speculated to be largely based on the pre-existing successful SUV, Enclave.

Encore, also referred sometimes as “Baby SUV” or “Baby Enclave” is expected to show traits of the Envision Concept vehicle shown by the car manufacturer at on of the auto shows few months ago.

Some anticipate that the vehicle will ride on General Motor’s Gamma global subcompact architecture, which is also the underlying platform of the vehicles like Opel Meriva. Then there are others who think that the mini SUV would be based on the much larger Delta platform.

Verano is also developed on Delta platform. Finally there is a group of experts who think that the Encore SUV would be a something totally different and would not ride on either Delta or Gamma platform.

As per some of the latest rumors, some even say that the vehicle might be based on General Motors Theta platform as seen in the successful SUVs like GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox.

The exterior design of the vehicle is said to be partially derived from Enclave and Chevrolet Captiva, which is a successful SUV in Europe and Asia and is based on the same Theta platform.

The details of the speculated crossover are still not available but is it expected to debut sometime in 2012 as 2013 model. The vehicle should debut after the release of Verano. With the entry level models like Encore and Verano, Buick is trying to lure the younger generation buyers who are on the look out for an entry level luxury vehicle.

2013 Buick Encore has not been officially announced by General Motors and everything written or heard is pretty much just a rumor.

Read article here.

Wholesale Parts Increase At Ballas Buick GMC

Ballas Buick GMC, serving Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan, is pleased to introduce Mike WaltzWholesale Part Sales.  As a new position to Ballas, Mike will be calling on customers and selling them wholesale parts.

Mike Waltz was a service advisor at a dealership for over 6 years when he decided it was time for a career change.  Mike says he is excited to grow the wholesale parts sales for Ballas. 

“We sell to more local body shops, repair facilities and have more GM parts than anyone else”, continues Mike.  This positions Ballas as the largest in inventory on hand for collision and repair.  That means we can get parts faster for our customers than anyone else.  In the end, that translates to customers getting their vehicles back faster.  Mike goes out on the road calling on businesses and has noticed an uptick in business.

“We are in growth mode.  Growth mode means job security” Says Marianne Ballas.

GMC Terrain Rated #4 Top Most Affordable Comcact SUV

2012 GMC Terrain Review From U.S. News & World Report

The 2012 GMC Terrain; available at Ballas Buick GMC, located in Toledo, OH; ranks 4 out of 23 Affordable Compact SUVs. This ranking is based on U.S. News & World report’s analysis of 29 published reviews and test drives of the GMC Terrain, and an analysis of reliability and safety data.

The 2012 GMC Terrain has a high base price, but buyers get a stand-out exterior, a standard rearview camera and plenty of passenger space. 

Unlike most compact SUVs, which have round, simple exteriors and a bland list of standard interior features, the 2012 GMC Terrain has rugged, truck-like styling that suggests parents are headed off-road rather than to the grocery store, and comes packed with standard features like Bluetooth and a rearview camera. On top of that, the GMC Terrain has a lot of passenger space, and a sliding second row that increases leg or cargo room. The Terrain does have less cargo space than competitors like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, but if you need plenty of room for your teenagers, it may be a compromise you’re willing to make.

The Terrain comes with a lot of standard features, but reviewers hope that GMC will tweak the Terrain’s standard four-cylinder engine and optional V6. The four-cylinder is underpowered, and test drivers even say the V6 engine’s horsepower is misleading.

Overall, the Terrain is perfect for moms and dads who want something other than a typical family SUV, reviewers say, and add that the 2012 GMC Terrain deserves a slot at the top of your shopping list because overall, it’s a great family vehicle.

Details: GMC Terrain

The 2012 GMC Terrain is available in four trim levels: SLE-1, SLE-2, SLT-1 and SLT-2. Because Terrain hasn’t changed much, this review uses test drives from earlier models.

  • “GMC’s smallest SUV deserves consideration for passenger accommodations and overall refinement. Compared with the similar Chevrolet Equinox, Terrain offers unique styling, additional standard equipment, and available cloth seating that is notably upmarket of its sibling.” — Consumer Guide
  • “In the Terrain, GMC has created a rugged looking compact, deceiving in size and with impressively good fuel economy. Loaded with features and priced to compete with segment leader such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, the Terrain is an appealing choice for those who like their trucks to look like trucks, even when they’re not really trucks.” — Kelley Blue Book
  • “If the handsome and cohesive design is any indicator, this could be GMC’s best small SUV ever.” — Car and Driver

Terrain Performance – 8.0 (Very Good)

The 2012 GMC Terrain has car-like performance and excellent fuel economy with its base four-cylinder engine, but it isn’t as fun to drive as the Volkswagen Tiguan or Mazda CX-7, even when you opt for the V6 engine. 

Terrain Exterior – 7.5 (Good)

Parents who are avoiding the Honda CR-V’s “mom car” reputation might like the 2012 GMC Terrain’s rugged, boxy exterior that houses a family-friendly interior. 

Terrain Interior – 8.9 (Very Good)

The 2012 GMC Terrain doesn’t have as much cargo space as the Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V, but in exchange for less space, the Terrain has more standard features.

Terrain Safety – NA

The 2012 GMC Terrain receives a high overall score from the federal government. Read More

Terrain Reliability – NA

The Terrain has a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty that is typical of affordable SUVs.

 Source:  U.S. News & World Report

U.S.News Scores

Overall: 8.6
Performance: 8.0
Exterior: 7.5
Interior: 8.9
Safety: NA
Reliability: NA

Sythetic Oil reviewed by AOL Autos

GM’s New Engine Oil: Use It Or Else!

by: Rex Roy
AOL Autos 

If you’re thinking about buying a 2011 General Motors vehicle, you’ll be getting more than just a new car, crossover, SUV or truck. The oil in your new vehicle’s engine will be new as well, meeting a recently unveiled specification called “dexos 1.”

Oils that meet the dexos 1 (yes, with a lowercase “d”) standard provide some real benefits. However, when it comes time for that first oil change, expect a 25-30 percent cost increase — which could be about the same as choosing pure synthetic oil. 

Further, GM says that if a customer has an engine failure that is traced to oil or lubrication issues, and if the customer does not use dexos 1 oil in their gasoline-powered GM vehicle, that act alone could void the warranty. The same goes for GM vehicles with diesel engines, which use a diesel-specific “dexos 2” oil blend.

 Not Just GM 

But let’s not be too quick to admonish GM for requiring this new oil or speculate that this is bound to drive away potential customers. The reality is that the cost for an oil change will be going up for everyone. That’s because we’re in the launch period for a new-and-improved oil standard, which will eventually be commonplace across the industry. 

Superseding the current standard, called “GF-4,” will be oils made to the new “GF-5” specification. These are beginning to show up in auto parts stores and oil change shops across the country this fall. Manufacturers other than GM are expected to begin factory-filling vehicles with GF-5 oils starting with 2012 models. 

The new GF-5 performance specification was developed by the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) with input from automakers, oil refiners, and oil additive manufacturers. Like the GM-specific dexos 1 oil, GF-5 oils deliver better performance but cost more. Expect to pay about 15-20 percent over comparable GF-4 oils.

 The new GF-5 and GM dexos oils are superior to most non-synthetic oils. The new formulations are also backwards compatible, meaning they will work in engines that have used older oil formulations. 

How More Expensive Oils Can Save Money 

Dexos and GF-5 oils are more expensive than prior oil formulations because these new oils deliver superior performance. Oil makers start with higher-quality base oil and then add more additives, which make them more expensive. Additives can make up as much as 30 percent of a typical quart of oil. 

These high-performance oils can pay for themselves, but not how you might think. Many of these oils will advertise the benefit of “higher fuel economy.” The claim isn’t false because dexos and GF-5 oils do reduce internal engine friction that will improve fuel efficiency. Unfortunately the gains will be so small — less than one percent — that the average driver will never notice. 

The real payback comes from extending the time and mileage between oil changes. Dexos and GF-5 oils allow drivers to drive more miles between oil changes without needing to worry about a loss of lubrication qualities, the buildup of sludge, or damage to sensitive emission control devices. Depending on driving habits, oil changes could extend beyond 10,000 miles. 

While that may be heresy compared to the 3,000-mile oil change interval your local shop recommends, it’s the new reality of oil change intervals. Thanks to the use of in-vehicle oil life monitoring and these new oil formulations, there’s no longer one specific mileage interval to adhere to. In other words, changing your oil every 3,000 miles will likely lead to wasting oil by replacing it before it is actually necessary.

Both dexos 1 and GF-5 oil specifications also offer more comprehensive protection for engines, including the latest generation of turbocharged engines and those that run on ethanol (E85). Turbochargers and E85 each demand specific characteristics from engine oils. Resistance to heat is especially important for turbo engines, while protection against rust is critical for vehicles running on E85. In other words, running the right oil might mean the difference between an engine that lasts hundreds of thousands of miles, and one that doesn’t.

The dexos oil also has some unique properties that General Motors engineers required. One characteristic is better resistance to aeration (the whipping of air bubbles into the oil). Some GM engines with variable camshaft timing use engine oil as a hydraulic fluid to move components within the engine. If air bubbles are in the oil, components actuated by engine oil will not move as they were designed to, limiting engine performance and efficiency.

 ILSAC vs. API vs. GM dexos Classifications

 Golden Globes, Emmys, The People’s Choice, The Academy Awards: Just like the multiple shows that bestow honors upon the entertainment industry, there are multiple organizations that promote oil standards.

 This, of course, can completely confuse consumers. But here’s some help: Many drivers are aware of the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) grading of oils. Their trademarked “star burst” graphic is on most quarts of oil. The graphic advertises that the oil is licensed by the API and shows the grade of oil you’re buying. The API is a consumer-directed organization.

 The ILSAC, on the other hand, is a trade organization that works primarily with vehicle manufacturers and those who commercially produce engine oil. The API and ILSAC have worked cooperatively for years, and their ratings track on a parallel path.

 The API “SM” certification has been the standard since 2005. “SM” is the equivalent of the ILSAC GF-4. To keep up with the new GF-5 specification, the API revised their certification with the new “SN” rating. So SN = GF-5. The official rollout for SN oils begins later this year.

 Got that? Here’s the bottom line: use the oil recommended for your vehicle and you won’t have a problem.

What you need to know about dexos™

GM manufactures cars and trucks in 34 countries and sells them in over 140 countries.  Ballas Buick GMC is your local dealership, here for all your automotive needs.   The GM products contain an array of more than 20 different engine sizes. To function well and to last a long time, these increasingly high-performance engines need a consistently high-quality oil, and that quality and uniformity needs to be available anywhere in the world, including Northwest Ohio.  The Ballas Service Department is the place to recieve the high quality attention your vehicle needs.  

 GM Powertrain engineers have developed dexos™ – a proprietary, global engine oil specification designed specifically to meet the requirements of GM vehicles.  So, whether it’s a Buick driven in Perrysburg or a GMC in Fostoria, dexos™ engine oils are recommended by GM for use in their vehicles. 

The dexos™ specification was uniquely designed to complement the exacting requirements of GM’s advanced engine technology.  The specification has gone through an extensive developmental and testing process.  It requires a number of proprietary tests that are not included in current industry standards and sets performance criteria at a level that exceeds many current standards.  The result is a high performance fluid providing significant wear protection, improved piston cleanliness, a reduction in volatility and oil consumption, enhanced aeration control for improved fuel efficiency, and better oxidation properties. dexos™ is an exclusive trademark of General Motors.  Only those oils displaying the dexos™ trademark and icon on the front label have been certified and licensed by GM as meeting the demanding performance requirements and stringent quality standards of the dexos™ specification.

GM has found that using substandard oil can affect engine performance and, in the worst case scenario, may damage or harm the engine.  Only licensed dexos™ products have been certified by GM to meet the dexos™ specification.  Unlicensed products have not gone through GM’s rigorous testing process, are not monitored for quality, and are not approved or recommended for use in GM vehicles.  Unlicensed product quality and suitability for GM vehicles cannot be guaranteed and, therefore, use of unlicensed products may result in lower levels of performance and could cause engine damage that may not be covered under warranty.

There are many authentic licensed dexos™ products readily available at retail outlets, service repair shops, quick lube operations, and GM service centers.  dexos™ licensed products are easy to identify.  Simply look for the dexos™ icon on the front label and the 11 digit alphanumeric dexos™ license number on the back label.  Unless an oil package displays these two markings, the engine oil is not an authentic, licensed dexos™ product and is not recommended for use in GM vehicles.

For a list of licensed dexos™ products, click here to go to licensed brands.

dexos™ is recommended by GM for use in all its vehicles except those with Duramax diesel engines requiring the use of API CJ-4 engine oil.  dexos™ is fully backward-compatible and can be used in older vehicles.  It is specified in the owner’s manual for all 2011 and later model years, with the exception of Europe where dexos™ is specified starting in model year 2010.

  • dexos1™ is designed for use with gasoline engines and replaces GM-LL-A-025, GM6094M and GM4718M
  • dexos2™ is designed for use with light-duty diesel engines and replaces GM-LL-B-025 and GM-LL-A-025

The dexos™ specification and trademark are exclusive to General Motors, LLC.  The Center for Quality Assurance monitors and publishes licensed dexos™ products to assist consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing engine oil to service their vehicle.

Using engine oils other than authentic licensed dexos™ products could result in reduced engine performance or damage not covered under warranty.



New Maintenance Package

Your 2011 and newer vehicle purchased at Ballas is eligible for our exciting new program regarding the maintenance of your vehicle.  Our “New Vehicle Maintenance Plan” is scheduled maintenance coverage that helps to keep your vehicle in top condition, extend the life of your vehicle and likely enhance its resale value.  Our “New Vehicle Maintenance Plan” provides you specific maintenance services consisting of:

  • Engine oil change
  • Engine oil Filter replacement
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Fluid top-off for critical components
  • Up to 3 tire rotations per year


The “New Vehicle Maintenance Plan” saves you money when pre-purchased rather than ala carte through the lifetime of your vehicle.  There is no deductible, and no hidden fees.  This offer is valid only at Ballas Buick GMC, 5715 W. Central Ave, Toledo OH 43615.


We think you will find this to be a value to you.  Please call us or stop in with any questions.  It only takes a few moments of your time to enroll your vehicle into the program.  Call Steve Killian or Andy Carter at 419.535.1000. 



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