Warning Signs: What Steering Wheel Vibration Can Be Telling You

Your car’s handling on the road can be a strong indicator of a possible issue. A vibrating steering wheel or a car that pulls to the left or right and not straight on a level road may be a warning sign that your vehicle needs a tire alignment or new tiresBallas Buick GMC’s Service Department is known for its tire selection and auto repair. Located in Toledo, Ohio, values, savings and high quality service are some of the reasons you want to do business with Ballas Buick GMC.

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As a car’s speed increases, pulling and vibration problems will generally get worse. If you happen to identify any of these signs, it is best to have a certified auto professional double check your automobile to confirm the problem and fix it before it gets worse. This will not only help you save money by maintaining your vehicle and preventing other issues, but also keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

A Closer Look at the Warning Signs

When a car with average sized tires hits 60 miles per hour, its tires will rotate an average of 850 times per minute . At speeds like these, any kind of variation in the balance of the vehicle’s tires will cause the steering wheel to vibrate or feel unstable.

If ignored, wheel vibrations can create more problems like excessive tire wear and damage to a vehicle’s suspension and steering. The vehicle’s performance will continue to worsen and handling the car will become more difficult.

Wheel alignment and tire balancing are inexpensive services that local tire retailers can perform quickly. While advanced suspension and steering problems are costly and require intensive repair.

For cars that haven’t had regular maintenance performed in awhile, another possible fix for steering wheel vibration might be a power steering flush.

The power steering system produces an extreme amount of pressure and generates lots of heat. Contaminants build up in the system over time and they lessen the amount of fluid that passes through the power steering system’s valves.

Sometimes a buildup of contaminants can also cause the steering system to pulsate, which is worse when the wheel is turned fully in one direction or another. A power steering flush could also be performed at local tire retailers. Talk to an ASE certified automotive professional to see if your car needs this or any other regular maintenance flushes.

It’s always better, for a cars general health and a car owner’s wallet, to address a small problem now than a bigger problem later.

Have you had any warning signs with your vehicle lately? What were they and what did you do as soon as you noticed them?

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