Tips & Questions When Purchasing A Vehicle

If you are thinking about buying a vehicle you probably have a long list of questions. The simplest and probably most important question is: should you buy new or used? There are advantages to both options, but depending on what you are looking for, when you want your vehicle and your financial situation, one option may be better than the other.


What you can expect when buying new:

You can customize a new car. Looking for a certain color? Special features? You can build your dream vehicle just the way you want or dealer can search for one with the right combination of options, interior and exterior colors.

Your car doesn’t have a history. Obviously if you buy your car new, you are the only owner. A new car hasn’t been in any accidents or wear and tear, and it comes with a clean history. A new car has only been driven off the assembly line and around the dealership’s lot.

A new car can require less maintenance. A new vehicle won’t need maintenance for a long time. After several thousand miles you will probably only need an oil change and tune-up.


What you can expect buying used:

You can buy a certified pre-owned vehicle.  All pre-owned vehicles must go through a strict evaluation and meet premium manufacturing standards to earn the certified title. If you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership, you often have more choices and better financing options. Plus, you can take your car to the dealership’s automotive repair center for maintenance or repairs.

Used vehicles have improved liability. Used vehicles do not have the same warranties as new ones, but there are still many warranty options.  Buyers of certified pre-owned cars from an authorized dealer can purchase a late-model used car and get the balance of the original warranty.

Used vehicles get better insurance rates.  Insurance rates are affected by the age of a car, used vehicles tend to have less expensive rates.

A used car holds value.  With a used vehicle you do not have to worry about your car depreciating as soon as you drive it off the lot. You can relax when it comes to first paint chips and door dings because it is likely the first owner has already taken care of those accidents.

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