Tire Speed Ratings You Can Understand from Ballas Buick GMC

In the cloudy realm of what tires are best it is easy to choose the wrong set.   That is . . . until Ballas Buick GMC, located in Toledo, OH steps in.  Ballas offers tires, alignments and body repair for the times a driver might encounter a problem with the tires on their vehcile.

If you have ever looked closely at your tires, you have noticed they have tiny codes written on the sidewalls.  Often we know the code indicating the size of the tire.  But little known is the code that indicates the tire’s speed ratings.  To a casual onlooker, it may be assumed that one tire is like any other tire in reagrds to its speed rating.

The speed rating is imprinted withthe letters M through Z.  Why?  When the famous highway, the autobahn, in Germany was created, the speed ratings bcame needed.  The autobahn has a series of lanes that have top speed postings.  These postings are NOT a speed limits, like we are used to seeing here in America.  These are postings quite the opposite.  they are the minimum speed at which a vehicle may travel in that lane.

When the autobahn was opened in the 1930’s the production of tires was not the exacting science it has become.  Hence, the need to rate tires on the speed the tire could endure so as not to have a blow out at such extremely high speeds.  Today’s modern vehicles can easily reach speeds of 149 mph, which is why the W and Y ratings were set forth.  Most sedans and minivans, however, do not require tires capable of such speeds and are often in need of H rated tires.

When you find yourself in need of new tires for your vehciles, please consider Ballas Buick GMC as your source for knowledgable asisstance in selcting the best tire to suit your vehicle and your budget.

Our parts staff has over 200 years of GM parts experience. We use four locators to search for those “hard to find” items. Whatever your needs are the Ballas Buick-GMC parts department is always ready to help.  We look forward to serving you.  Ballas Buick-GMC has been a fixture in the Toledo business community since 1970.  Ballas earned the coveted General Motor’s “Mark of Excellence” award in 2009 and 2010 (for business excellence).    For more information, please call us at 419.535.1000 or stop by 5715 W. Central Ave 43615.